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The Awards are an introduction to the sport of amateur boxing as a game of skill, discipline, respect and self control. It teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle and has been designed as a fun recreational programme for all participants at all levels, ages and abilities.

The first 3 Awards (Preliminary, Standard and Bronze) are all non-contact and can be used in Boxing Clubs for new members and also any non-specialist facility such as a community hall or school gym. The non contact part of the awards may be taught by stand alone GB Boxing Tutor (School Teacher, Youth worker, Sports Development Officers). As these cover the basics of boxing.

The remaining 3 Awards (Silver, Gold and Platinum) Awards involve technique development in modified conditioned sparring and need to be coached in a boxing club with a boxing ring and qualified ABA coach.

The Platinum Award which takes the boxer into the boxing ring at a boxing show, this involves a skills bout where the boxer will get the opportunity to experience of what it is like to enter a boxing ring at a boxing show, more importantly the boxer will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills, fitness and ability in a boxing arena which they have learnt whilst at the same time, completing all 6 of the GB National Boxing Awards.

Now with the GB National Boxing Awards we will have the opportunity to pass on the benefits from amateur boxing training with out the hurting or being hurt and to provide a healthy channel for youthful energy and natural aggression.

The GB National Boxing Awards provides all participants the opportunity not only to learn a new activity/sport but also develop educationally, as the ABA National Boxing Awards gain credits towards the ABA of England National Boxing Educational Qualification (ASDAN Certificate of Personnel Effectiveness CoPE level 2 which is equilivant to GCSE Grade B).

The GB National Boxing Awards are very flexible and can be delivered in PE Curriculum time, the extended schools package (governments 5 hour offer) or is ideal for a School Holiday Programme.

Remember… “Don’t think you can, know you can”

Yours in sport,

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Quinton Shillingford MBE
GB Boxing Performance / England Talent Development Coach
Sports Coach UK Community Coach of the year 2013

Keith Walters (OBE)

Keith-Walters-1President of the British Amateur Boxing Association of England

The Boxing Awards programme is a huge step forward for amateur boxing and the intention is to roll the programme all over the country. The 6 level GB National Boxing Award scheme, provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing for recreational boxers or boxers joining boxing clubs and preparing for their first bout”. The awards can also be used in educational programmes including ASDAN ( at all awards) to BTEC Diploma level 3.

Due to the nature of the National Boxing Awards programme and the success they are having in changing opinions of amateur boxing. People are now coming back into our sport as tutors, setting up clubs and making essential links with our schools and pathways into our clubs. We as an association need to get our young boxers on the teaching platform of the sport, as early as we can, as they are our future as National, Regional and Club coaches.

The GB boxing award programme is leading the way by providing grass roots ambassador’s connections with 2012; through engaging recreational boxing or participation. A promise made by 2012 to increase and sustain sport is certainly a promise that will be fulfilled through GB Boxing Tutors/coaches and the GB national boxing awards programme. This pathway into our valuable part of society is volunteering. Key principles the Boxing Tutors engage in are the awards delivered should be fun, encourage physical activity and be rewarding.