Double Jab ABC

The ever developing “Double Jab ABC” have increased membership to the club, by running the GB Boxing Awards programme over the last few months, potential boxers are now onto there Silver awards as lots of them can be seen after being awarded with there Bronze certificates and medals. There were also some boxers passing there Preliminary awards, as the new group got underway.

Congratulations to all of the following students who demonstrated excellent knowledge and skills:


Joshua Harris, Age 12

Salim Hassan, Age 15

Jawad Rangbar, Age 15

Jaquarn Cumberbatch, Age 11

Jimmy Buttigieg, Ages 9

George Buttigieg, Ages 6


Jordan Addis, Age 16

Kai Wood, Age 11

Patrick McQuilkin , Age 16

Freddie Hull, Age 6

Also, Club Coaches Jim and Michael passed their Assisstant Coaches Course at the weekend of 29th January 2012.