Bognor ABC

ABA Coaches/ Tutors – Mark Hibbert (ABA Coach), Rebecca Smith [course tutors] and Patryk LeVan [ Boxing Tutor ] have been working in conjunction with The Regis Secondary School in Bognor, Sussex. To deliver a six week GB National Boxing Awards programme, including work towards The ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE)

Nine students have successfully completed their Preliminary Award:

Josh Ward, Kavanagh Bressington, Nathan Edicker, Mikey Blissett, Ashleigh Lambert, Jamie Wharton, Joe Harris, Harry Dumville and Ciaran Barnes-Cornish were presented with their certificates at a ceremony performed at the Regis School on Thursday 8th March.

The students researched, organised and took part in a debate regarding the moral issues surrounding boxing. They split into two groups, one FOR and one AGAINST boxing. To assist with presenting their discussion they designed a Power Point presentation. After presenting their side, the students entered a lively debate each side arguing their points. At the end a vote was held to decide whether boxing should or should not be banned. The vote was FOR boxing.

A second course has now commenced covering The Standard Award, and including further work towards the ASDAN (CoPE) through boxing. This time the students will research, design and work out the cost to set up a boxing gym.

Mark, Rebecca and Patryk would like to thank David Jones MA (Principal), Caroline Saunders, Margi Gibbs, Sherryl Urquhart and Nicole Knight for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.

We would also like to thank Peter Cox and Charlie Martin at VK Gym for their continued support in getting Amateur boxing back into schools.