Boxing Success at the Bangladesh

The Northampton Bangladeshi Association in conjunction With Northamptonshire Sport ran an 8 week ABA national boxing award course funded by Sports Unlimited. The boxing award scheme is open to anyone above the age of five and this course was well attended by the local young people who had never participated in boxing before but had a real interest in the sport. The course taught the students the skills of amateur boxing, along with the rules and history of the sport.

The course started on the 29 May for 8 weeks and on 17 July, 10 students participated in a preliminary award assessment, which they all passed with flying colours.

Boxing tutor Jeff Gonsalves commented that the students on the course where all brilliant, they all put in maximum effort into every lesson and where a joy to teach. They all learnt so much from the course and want to carry on boxing in the future.

The course was such a success that the NBA, with agreement from the tutor, have decided to part fund the course so they can carry on running the boxing award scheme so the students can achieve the next 2 awards.

Tutor Jeff Gonsalves also commented that if any of the students want to carry on boxing competitively in the future, he would take them along to one of the local ABA boxing clubs, where they could sign up and register with that club. That is what the award scheme is about, getting young people interested in boxing then hopefully into clubs, which is great for the sport.