Carshalton Boys Sports College is now the newest member to sign up for the London ABA Boxing in Schools programme. London Amateur Boxing Association will be delivering the GB Boxing Awards Recreational and Educational boxing in schools programme as from September 2012

The initiative is part of the pledge to get London ABA Boxing Clubs working with every school, college, University and youth club in London. The project has been sponsored by POWERDAY and Sport England (match funding).

POWERDAY sponsorship manager Harry McVeigh, attended the boxing lessons to see the youngsters in action and said POWERDAY are absolutely delighted in what the London ABA are doing for the city, getting boxing back in the schools in the capital, can only lead to bigger and better things. POWERDAY are honored to be part of this grass roots boxing programme.

London ABA arranged for ABA Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford to spend two days working with Carshalton Boys Sports College PE Dept preparing and advising in how to teach boxing in an educational environment, so that the youngsters can get an educational qualification in Boxing at their College from September 2012.

Keith Middleton (Director of Sport and the Community) explained – The Sports College has over 1,200 students, the boys were very keen and enthusiastic to learn boxing. The idea now is to train the PE department to deliver non contact boxing. So the young people in the school can be introduced to boxing in PE lessons on curriculum time. The sport college will also be looking to have an after school boxing club and then if the sport develops, a boxing gym in the school. The Carshalton Boys Sports College is very keen to engage youngsters in amateur boxing and include the sport not only physically but educationally as well, as the plan is to put boxing on the PE Educational curriculum ASDAN – CoPE – Using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement from September 2012.

Top ABA boxers Andreas Wallace (Repton ABC) and Alfie Arnold (Earlsfield ABC) attend Carshalton Sports College, and were able to assist and demonstrate the punches and Defences and help with the classes; ABA Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford said – both boxers were true young ambassadors to the ABA of England with their skills in all demonstrations and also patience whilst teaching the students. We taught over 200 students in two days and both boxers showed all the qualities of a boxer, polite, respectful and committed to their sport it was a pleasure having these future boxing stars working with me and demonstrating all the qualities that boxing can bring to a person.

ABA of England Chairman and Secretary of London ABA, Keith Walters said, “London ABA is delighted with signing up of Carshalton Boys Sports College to our boxing in schools programme, and we are now gaining momentum. Grassroots boxing is where our future champions will come from, we want the GB non contact boxing programme in every School, College, University and youth club in London, working with London ABA registered coaches and clubs.

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