Chairman ABA Keith Walters and Principle Dame Sharon Hollows at Charter Academy with year 11's GCSE boxing students

The Chairman of Amateur Boxing Association of England, Keith Walters, spent the day at Charter Academy in Portsmouth to see how Amateur Boxing and Education is working together to deliver the ASDAN CoPE qualification.

Keith Waters explained the facilities at Charter Academy are excellent; the boxing gymnasium is a coach’s dream. The ABA coaches/tutors have a very professional manner and are very good with the youngsters.

I am impressed in the way Amateur Boxing and Education have partnered in Portsmouth, the programme and structure that has been put together is great, we as a boxing association need to mirror the excellent work at Charter Academy all over the country.

Partnership - Amateur boxing and education

Walters added; Having spent time talking with the young people on the ASDAN GCSE course at Charter Academy, they are clearly fully engaged with our sport and are very proud of their achievements.

A lot of them are “Young Leaders” GB Boxing Tutors and are also wishing to do the ABA Junior Officials course. To see our sport developing in an Educational environment, like this, is just brilliant. I am absolutely delighted in what I have seen and what is happening in the city of Portsmouth.

The ABA Chairman also spent time with Charter Academy Principle Dame Sharon Hollows who commented: Having boxing in the school curriculum has had a massive impact on the pupils in the school. Boxing has changed a lot of our youngster’s lives; we have seen a complete turn around in the young people’s behavior, attitude, look, confidence and most of all self esteem.

What has really impressed me is the fact that a lot of the Charter students are now “young leaders” ABA Boxing Tutors and are helping out in the after school clubs and the HOP Boxing Academy.

Even my school teachers have been recruited into the boxing training, in the early morning activities. “I am intending to have my first boxing lesson very soon.”