Future MOLDS in Tower Hamlets

Discipline, fitness and fun at the PRU!

FMC are supporting the Tower Hamlets Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) in the delivery of the GB Boxing Awards to their students. The project is proving a great success with nearly 20 young people attending and approximately 20 certificates achieved across the levels so far. The young people participate in GB Non-contact boxing training, increase their fitness and learn social skills which they can transfer into everyday life.

A statement from the PRU reads: “From our experience of working Future M.O.L.D.S Communities with at the Tower Hamlets PRU, I have seen first-hand how this project can make a real difference to some of our most challenging young people. By definition young people involved in the criminal justice system and the PRU are often vulnerable to the impact of their behaviour to themselves and the community. I continue to be very impressed with the commitment of the Future M.O.L.D.S Communities who have shown real passion to inspire our young learners through the GB Boxing Award Programme, it has also great to have females as GB boxing tutors, as many of our students have learnt though this relationship with the coaches the idea of being respectful to women and the community at large.”