Group photo of people who took part in the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course

The very first official GB ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course was held on Saturday 19th December 2009 at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy in Portsmouth. There were 14 Young Leaders from the Hampshire Region who took part. The GB ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course is now being run after two very successful pilot courses in Loughborough Sports University. The Youth Sport Trust, the national Organisation responsible for school sport and physical education has agreed to include the GB ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course on their national course data base as part of their Leadership and Volunteering strand, so now the young leaders from all over England can do the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course as part of their accredited ‘8 hrs leadership training’.

The BABA/ABA has agreed to lower the age limit to 14 yrs old to deliver the (Non Contact) National Boxing Awards Scheme as long as the young leader is supervised by a competent adult during whilst delivering the Non Contact part of the awards.

After successfully completing the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutors Course the 14 qualified Boxing Tutors were then invited back a week later to the HOP Boxing Academy for the Portsmouth City Christmas Boxing Camp, so they could deliver the National Awards programme to the 35 youngsters booked on the Christmas Boxing Camp, under the supervision of the HOP, ABA Coaches. and those who took part will now join their weekly after school boxing sessions with added confidence. The emphasis on the course was on how to begin to teach the basics of boxing safely and effectively to their peers and to primary-age pupils with the aim of introducing young people, to the idea of voluntary sports coaching work, and volunteering in sport generally.

Sport Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Coaching Development Manager, Mr CJ Lee, attended the One Day course and commented: ‘Boxing is a sport with the capacity of engaging a large number of traditional performers, disadvantaged and at risk groups in ways that other sports cannot. The non-contact element of the [Boxing] award makes the sport really accessible to wide group of young people, both as participants and leaders, and in the future as coaches and officials. We really embrace the exciting opportunities posed by this new leadership pathway.

Southern Counties ABA secretary and ABA Full Badge Coach Lizzie Addington (Sweet Science Boxing Academy) put four of her boxers from her Boxing Gym on the course Liz Addington said: “I am in my first season as SC secretary and have numerous queries from boxers who have left the sport wanting to come back. Why? Due to the nature of these awards and the success they are having in changing opinions of amateur boxing. People are now coming back into out sport as coaches, setting up clubs and making essential links with our schools and pathways into or clubs. My four boxers from Sweet Science Academy were all waiting to turn 16 before they became boxing tutors so for them Christmas came early!”

Chairman of BABA Derek Mapp said: GB “Young Leaders” inspired by Youth Sport Trust is now gaining accreditation to the boxing tutor course. Since the decision by BABA and the ABAE to lower the age to 14 years old the launch was supported by being hosted in the Charter Academy School in Portsmouth.

Photo of people in a boxing ring

GB boxing is leading the way by providing grass roots ambassador’s connections with 2012; through engaging recreational boxing or participation. A promise made by 2012 to increase and sustain sport is certainly a promise that will be fulfilled through GB young leaders, boxing tutors and the national boxing awards programme. This pathway into our valuable part of society is volunteering. Key principles the Boxing Tutors engage in are the awards delivered should be fun, encourage physical activity and be rewarding. The course was held on Saturday 19th December 2009 at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy, which is in the Charter Academy School in Portsmouth. 14 Young Leaders from Hampshire & IOW, were successful and are now accredited to this scheme.

Chairman of ABAE Keith Walters explained by lowering the age bracket of the GB Boxing Tutor Course, it works well for young boxers wishing to gain their first teaching qualification in Amateur Boxing, as once they complete the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course they can then deliver the awards (Non Contact and supervised) in their local boxing gym to new youngsters joining the gym. We as an association need to get our young boxers on the teaching platform of the sport, as early as we can, as they are our future National, Regional and Club Coaches.

The next GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course will be held on Saturday 20th March 2010 to book your young boxers onto the course please goto the Course Dates section or contact Michael Whitlock at mobile: 07704 189077.

For further information regarding the GB National Boxing Awards programme or the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification criteria please go to the downloads section and click Criteria for the Qualification. Or contact ASDAN Boxing (CoPE) Manager Mr Andrew Cox,

There are many schools which use ASDAN qualifications on their school curriculum, and a parent or boxer attending school should download a copy of the GB Boxing Educational Qualification and advise the school that they wish to take the qualification as part of their GCSE choice.