20 personnel from HMS Lancaster have successfully completed the non contact boxing tutor awards

HMS Lancaster has become the first Royal Navy unit to complete the non contact boxing tutor awards. In all, 20 personnel have completed the Prelimary, Standard and Bronze awards.

Completing the awards in the Gulf was a battle in it’s self with lesson’s having to be cancelled due to boarding stations and clearing off the upper deck just as the lesson was getting started.

The team battled through and progressed to complete the bronze award before getting alongside in Dubai. LPT Daz Hoare said you should see them now they move so well and throw there punches with perfection. All 20 of the personnel taking part passed with flying colours.

Commanding Officer Rory Bryan added they have shown a lot of dedication completing the courses and are looking very sharp.

LPT Daz Hoare said he hopes the team move onto the contact side of the awards when they get back to the UK and hopes some more coaches get qualified to take the awards so to help recruit more raw talent in and around the Royal Navy. It’s a great way to start and people who would have never put on a pair of gloves enjoy it so much they want to continue. We have a few in the group that want to go that one step further and actually go to a boxing club now and this will certainly improve the development of Royal Navy boxing.

If as a team we can do it while on operations in the Gulf anyone can do it. For people out in Gibraltar look out for these awards happening as Daz is off there next.