Derrylin Boxing Club

Derrylin Boxing Club became the first club in Ireland to administer the I.A.B.A National Boxing Awards in association with The awards were launched as part of their recent two-week summer camp, where thirty-two participants aged between five to fourteen years old took part and all passed the Preliminary award.

The introduction of the National Boxing Awards has been seen as a progressive move by the IABA to introduce more youngsters into the sport and the Derrylin Boxing Club were proud to be the first to implement the programme.

Programme Manager and Derrylin Boxing Club coach Sean Crowley commented “The awards were well received by parents and children alike. The parents were full of praise for the programme and loved that it was a safe and recreational. Whereas, the kids simply loved learning the boxing techniques and playing the games. Plus the certificate and medal awarded at the end of the camp also gave them a great sense of achievement”.

Derrylin Boxing Club has advised that they are building the National Boxing Awards programme into its core activities for members in future and furthermore that they aim to get several members through the GCSE assessment within the next academic year.

With thirty-two new fledging boxers emerging from the pilot the Derrylin club are almost certainly on course to produce more boxing champions and achieve further ring success in the future.

Sean Crowley added “Another great aspect to the awards programme is that kids with disabilities and medical conditions (e.g. deafness, short-sightedness, epilepsy etc) that prevent them from competitive boxing and who we had previously lost from the club after failing medicals were able to participate and gained so much confidence from achieving their award.”

Parents were also full of praise and only had positive comments about the awards programme, Ann McKenna mother of Tiernan (aged 5) and Erin (aged 8) who attended commented “The boxing awards programme is fantastic. I was sceptical about my daughter going at first as she not into sports but every day she was so enthusiastic about going and thoroughly enjoyed it. The programme is great for their physical well-being and when they got home they would continue to practise the moves they learned”.

Wendy Patton mother of Andrew (aged 7) commented “I thought the awards are brilliant and a great way to get kids exercising. Andrew loved the games he learned and I’ve never known him to be so keen to attend a club. I also thought the Award assessment method was excellent; it was great that it encompassed everything Appearance, Behaviour, Partner Work etc, in addition to assessing the actual boxing technique. “

The Derrylin Boxing Club sent four members to the recent Boxing Tutor course in Dublin including their experienced Head coach Sean Crowley along with an interested parent, an 18-year-old club member who is unable to box due to a medical condition and an active 16-year-old female boxer.

Sean Crowley commented, “Despite having coached for some time and been involved with boxers that have competed at the highest level. I still gained a great deal from the course and have now adopted the awards programme as a method of inducting new members into the club”.

The Boxing Tutor course also gave opportunity to an interest parent with no previous boxing experience to become more involved in the club and they are now able to constructively assist with training sessions rather than just watch from the side lines.

The course was also invaluable to the younger club members in order to help them enhance their boxing knowledge and give them the skills to help support/ help coach junior members of the club.

“I would strongly recommend the course to any coach regardless of their previous experience or success.”