Students who will be taking part in the GB Boxing Awards programme being run in the Crownwoods College from September 2012.

50 young students enjoyed boxing taster sessions with ABA Advanced Coach Q Shillingford & Local London ABA Coach Kerry Cook

London Amateur Boxing Association took another step forward with there Recreational /Educational boxing in schools programme as they have set up in Crownwoods College, in Eltham. The initiative is part of the pledge to get London ABA Boxing Clubs working with every school, college, University and youth club in London. The project has been sponsored by Powerday and Sport England (match funding)

Crownwoods College will start delivering the GB Boxing Awards programme and ASDAN – CoPE – Using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement from September 2012.

Local London ABA Full badge boxing Coach Kerry Cook (Keddles ABC) will be delivering the boxing side of the programme using the GB Boxing Awards as a tool to deliver practical boxing sessions as part of the boxing educational programme within the school.

London ABA arranged for ABA Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford to spend two days working with Crownwoods College PT Staff and Julie Taylor (Director of Sport and the Community) in Crownwoods College preparing and advising in how to teach boxing in an educational environment, so that the youngsters can get an educational qualification in Boxing at their College from September 2012.

Crownwoods College Julie Taylor (Director of Sport and the Community) said “We are very excited about this new activity we will be able to put on the college curriculum within the next academic year. Lots of the young people in the College are also very keen and enthusiastic. Crownwoods College would like to thank the London ABA for their support and expertise in helping us prepare for our boxing educational programme.”

ABA of England Chairman and Secretary of London ABA, Keith Walters attended the sports lessons to show his support for the development of boxing in schools and watch the young students in the boxing lesson taken by ABA boxing coaches “Q” Shillingford and Kerry Cook at the Crownwoods College.

London ABA Secretary Keith Walters said, “London ABA want the GB Boxing Awards programme in every School, College, University and youth club in London, working with London ABA registered coaches.”

London ABA wants every child, teenager and adult to have the opportunity to experience our beloved sport in a fun, recreational environment as well as in our boxing clubs. London ABA will support, train and promote London ABA registered coaches who wish to work within schools/ College/ Universities and youth clubs in their local community. Please call the London office 02072527008 for advice on any of the above.

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