Leeds Community

Patrick Maxwell making the difference in Leeds local community.

With the funding from the Home Office Positive Futures teamed up with Lennox Lewis CBE in October 2009, to roll out the GB Boxing Awards programme in the Leeds area.

The former 2 times Heavyweight Champion of The World certainly packed a punch in Leeds as he attended a one-day festival of Boxing and Martial Arts organised in his honour at Clarence Dock.

Mr Lewis has teamed up with Positive Futures since then to form Positive Futures Lennox Lewis Boxing Academy. In 2010 the Academy introduced the GB Amateur Boxing awards programme in Leeds. The programme consisted of a ten-week course for young people aged ten to nineteen. ABA of England Boxing Tutor Patrick J. Maxwell, delivers The GB Boxing Awards citywide for Positive Futures.

Lennox Lewis Boxing Academy says, “The initiative was introduced as a way of getting children and young people to take part in an activity that would motivate them to get fit, stay fit, engage within sport positively, gain a greater sense of restraint and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

The programme was seen as a way of introducing young people in the local community to the sport of amateur boxing in a fun and safe environment. The GB Boxing Awards programme (Preliminary, standard and Bronze) is non-contact but require participants to get active at the same time learning boxing skills and taking part in fitness sessions.

If the students wish to do the Silver, Gold and Platinum awards, positive futures will then sign post them to their nearest local ABA Boxing gym.