Raines Park High School Boxing Tutor Course

Raines Park High School newly qualified Boxing Tutors

Rains Park High School Boxing Tutor Course 2

Raines Park High School newly qualified Boxing Tutors

Five of Raines Park High School PE department and five year 10 students, all qualified as GB Boxing Tutors, in preparation in setting up a non contact boxing club using the Network Rail sponsored Boxing Awards scheme.

Head of the PE Department Steve Hayes, Commented – the GB Boxing Awards programme fits nicely with our students, we will be looking to do an after school club and then potentially move it into the PE curriculum.

The Boxing Tutor Course proved very popular with the students (14yrs +). Five students were selected to take part in the course and are now qualified Boxing Tutors and will look to assist in the delivery of the Boxing Awards programme at the after school club at Raines Park.

GB Boxing Performance Coach and England Boxing Advanced Coach Quinton (“Q”) Shillingford MBE, delivered the GB Boxing Tutor course at Raines Park High School, he said – The PE Teachers picked up the boxing techniques very well and it was great to see young people getting a sporting qualification at such a young age”.

“Q” will now work with the school PE Department to develop there non contact boxing club and PE sessions, which is part of the London Boxing and Network Rail partnership in setting up boxing awards programme’s in the schools/ communities in London.

The Boxing Tutor Course, boxing equipment (Pads/ Gloves) and 20 GB Boxing Awards booklets have been sponsored by Network Rail to get the programme moving. Network Rail has sponsored the GB Boxing Awards programme, to use as a tool to deliver the Network Rail safety message to young people.

Network Rail Safety Manager Nicola Dooris commented: “Network Rail feel that the GB Boxing Awards is a great tool to deliver the Network Rail – “Railway safety message” to young people and at the same time boosting the participation in boxing in schools and communities”. Caring for the community around railway safety is our number one priority.

President of England Boxing and Secretary of London Boxing Mr Keith Walters OBE expressed his gratitude to Network Rail in there support for the London Boxing vision, to have recreational boxing in every borough in London and also with the vision as setting up new boxing clubs in the schools and communities. “Recreational and Educational boxing is the way forward for our sport “said Walters.

Keith Walters OBE commented – The work Network Rail is doing, is fantastic for young people. It is important that they learn from a young age about railway safety and engage into sport at a young age.  London Boxing fully supports the GB Boxing Awards programme and is excited about the partnership with Network Rail and the increased participation it will bring to the sport and safety of young people”. For more information regarding the Boxing Awards programme please go to boxingawards.co.uk.

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