Students receiving their Boxing Awards at the school celebration evening

During the School Summer Holidays an innovative 4 week programme was trailed by Right Stuff ABC Staffordshire and Thistley Hough High School in Stoke On Trent. Using Boxing as an engagement tool the programme looked to increase Racial Tolerance and Community Cohesion in the school and local community.

10 Young People who attend Right Stuff ABC aged between 14-21 years old representing both genders and several different ethnic groups, along with 6 Thistley Hough Students and 8 teachers attended a 1 Day Boxing Tutors course in June 2013 delivered by ABA of England Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford.

They then delivered a 4 week non contact Boxing Awards programme during the Holidays at the school, in conjunction with Stoke On Trent City Council Community Cohesion Team, 80 Young people attended from over 15 different ethnic backgrounds, separate daily male and female sessions were put on delivered by appropriate gender Boxing Tutors due to the religious make up of the schools population, this led to 51% of those attending over the 4 weeks being female.

Pc Andy Whitehall MBE an ABA of England Level 2 Coach at Right Stuff ABC, who supervised and organised the event – said “This programme has been fantastic in bringing young people of many different backgrounds together and achieving together, through Boxing and gaining educational credits as well.”

Many of my delivery team who box as well, aren’t much older than the students but have gained massive confidence through being an ABA Boxing Tutor.

Head Mistress Holly Hartley has purchased a 16ft Boxing Ring and 50 pairs of gloves she is now planning to get a permenate ABA club in the school having seen the positive effect it has had on students.