Personnel from HMS Lancaster being presented with their Boxing Awards certificates

HMS Lancaster better known as the Red Rose or should that now be The fighting Red Rose, are currently on operations in the Gulf. LPT Daz Hoare onboard is the Leading Physical Trainer, an ex boxer and qualified ABA boxing coach and Tutor.

In September last year Clubz as he is known was in contact with Q Shillingford to try and get the Non-Contact awards started onboard whilst deployed.

We had around 25-30 personnel come forward and were interested. With this clubz got to work and ordered there Non-Contact books. The ship sailed for the Gulf in October 2009. After transiting the Suez cannel and with warmer weather, lessons started during the lunch periods. The first award started and completed was the prelimery award with some great results all personnel passing with flying colours. The awards have identified new people who would have never put on a pair of gloves in there lives. Some are taking part to keep fit, some to learn about boxing I have some that are so interested in boxing now they want to keep it going and want to go to a boxing club this they will do when they have completed all 3 non-contact awards and move onto the 3 contact awards. I have a couple that I am so impressed with who have never boxed before that I am taking for extra pad work and have told them to get to there nearest boxing gym as they have some great potential and this is what these awards are about delivering at a grassroots level and identifying people with that kind of potential. On board the ship we have a mixed range of people taking part in the awards from the young AB upto the PO/CPO sea dogs and even a female officer of the watch who is extremely talented.

Personnel from HMS Lancaster who took part in the Boxing Awards

I have enclosed some pictures of the Prelimery award and the presentation by the ships Captain, CDR Bryan who was amazed by how much the team have come on when at the beginning it looked like they had two left feet but now they slide around and float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The XO Lt Cdr Hammond was also surprised by how much they had advanced.

Personnel from HMS Lancaster who took part in the Boxing Awards

The team are currently coming to there assessment in the Standard award with just the Bronze left to do. Clubz said the awards will all be completed by the time I leave in Feb 2010. From here when the ship returns to the UK people who have taken part can then move onto the contact side. The awards are really good and get all kinds of people involved they learn the moves, health and fitness with diet all included. The Amateur Boxing Association are right behind the awards, and the awards also earn you accreditation points in the GSCE in boxing.

Clubz said I hope they continue with the three other awards and we get some other tutors in other ships and establishments I am moving to Gibraltar where I will be looking to get the awards started and take a group through all 6 with a boxing club available. Like Q says don’t think you can know you can.

RPO Cosy Powell receives his GB Boxing Certificate from Captain Cdr Rory Bryan

HMS Captain Cdr Rory Bryan presents RPO Cosy Powell with his GB Boxing Certificate on the Gulf Deployment in the Indian Ocean.

Leading Physical Trainer