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Boxing Hits New Heights in School

Boxing Hits New Heights in School

Courtesy of BBC South Today

Courtesy of BBC Radio Solent

The Amateur Boxing Association of England was invited to the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 17th November 2010 to celebrate the success of the first school and young people to pass the ABAE ASDAN CoPE – using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement.

Dame Sharon Hollows (Principal of Charter Academy) said “The introduction to amateur boxing to Charter Academy has been fantastic, the sport has had a very positive impact on all our students, we have already had 8 successful boxing show’s in our school and hosted the National CYP Boxing Championships this year in the new sports hall. The sport is very new to a lot of the boys and girls however they are all enjoying learning the art of amateur boxing along with other key skills they pick up on the ASDAN boxing educational qualification such as working with others, problem solving, research, discussion, improving own learning and performance all from boxing related activities.

Portsmouth MP Penny Mordaunt who sponsored the Parliament visit feels boxing is “very important to the community and education, allowing young people to achieve, when perhaps they would not have done so” Penny also hopes that more schools will start to deliver the educational qualification as she feels it is a very character building experience for today’s society.

Sam Ellwood, Natasa Cole, Billie Madden and Saj Ahmed, four of these successful students travelled up from Portsmouth to the Parliament with ABA Advanced Coach Q Shillingford. The youngsters were also filmed and interviewed by South Today in the gardens of Westminster as was Penny Mordaunt. The young people also received their ASDAN Educational Certificates from the CEO of ASDAN Marius Frank and ABAE CEO Paul King.

Paul King believes this is another exceptional day for Boxing and the breadth of support is certainly out there for the Sport and it’s a recognised success, even now engaging with Women MP’s supporting all our efforts. He added “This is a historical event for the Amateur Boxing Association of England. We have reached a new high in Boxing in schools, the ABA of England can now confirm we have a great Recreational Boxing Awards programme, an Educational Programme and our competitive programme already speaks for itself with the great work on the domestic, national and International scene. The ABA of England is delighted with the outcomes of the National Boxing Awards programme and the ASDAN CoPE using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement.

Also in attendance was the ABAE Chairman Keith Walters who said: “The ABAE ASDAN CoPE boxing in schools programme has reached a new high, as 16 year eleven school students from Charter Academy, based in Portsmouth have passed their boxing educational course. The Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (HOP) in Charter Academy is leading the way in Boxing in schools in the country”. He added “The ABAE is delighted with the development of Boxing in schools. This is a huge step forward for the sport of Amateur Boxing and the intention is to roll out the Recreational and Educational programme all over the country. The 6 level GB National Boxing Award scheme, provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing for recreational boxers or boxers joining boxing clubs and preparing for their first bout”. Whilst also gaining an educational credit per award towards the ASDAN CoPE using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement.

ABAE Education Development Officer Lewis Pendleton commented: The qualification is an ASDAN CoPE Level 1 or 2 and is the equilivant to a GCSE Grade E-F or Grade B.

To support ABA Boxing Coaches wishing to further their involvement in boxing in schools and to be able to deliver the “Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network” (ASDAN) “Certificate of Personnel Effectiveness” (CoPE), ABAE will be running two more courses this year, details are as follows:

Southwark, London – Friday 11th, Mar 2011

Leicester – Friday 8th, Apr 2011

The course is designed for boxing coaches or teachers/youth workers and people wishing to deliver the ASDAN CoPE using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement in schools or from their boxing gym linked in with a school; anyone wishing to attend the ASDAN CoPE Boxing course should log onto click Course Dates then click on the Application form for which ever ASDAN CoPE course they would like to attend that’s nearest to them.

To view the ASDAN CoPE Boxing GCSE Educational Qualification criteria click download and then click ABA Educational Qualification criteria or for more information contact:

Lewis Pendleton on 07872455803 or email

“Q” Shillingford on 07702745590 email

ASDAN CoPE Boxing Manager Darren Hughes on 07748315119

The GB National Boxing Awards are also included in the ASDAN CoPE using boxing as a curriculum vehicle for achievement – and can be used to gain 6 of the 12 credits required, (half) of the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification. The Qualification is now being run in many schools in and around the country, There are lots of schools which use ASDAN qualifications on their school curriculum, and a parent or boxer attending school should advise the school if they wish to do the ASDAN CoPE Boxing Educational Qualification.

Asdan CoPE Boxing Manager Darren Hughes stated that this was an outstanding event and one which the young people would never forget. These are the first group of youngsters to achieve the CoPE qualification this way and I hope that in the years to come more and more young people will accredit their boxing activities and their learning by using this very popular qualification.

Waverley Boxing Club for Girls

Waverley School, Birmingham

Waverley School, Birmingham

Waverley School, Birmingham

Waverley school has begun a boxing club to give girls the equal opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities, become aware of a healthy lifestyle, as well as having fun and gaining credits towards a recognised Boxing qualification. After school classes are delivered twice a week for Waverley School students to help build their self esteem as well as fitness.

Over 40 students have successfully completed the basics of boxing via the Preliminary Award and are now learning the Standard Award.

Students thoroughly enjoy staying active, learning new skills, and taking part in a sport which is usually considered to be mainly male dominated. ‘Waverley is committed to learning through Diversity’ and providing diverse opportunities to all its students.

The course has proved so popular that families in our children’s centre want to be involved. We are now in our second year of delivering the awards, with more and more of our students joining in and achieving their boxing potential.

A special awards ceremony will be held for the students who have successfully passed the awards, early next month. Look out for a future Olympic champion, we will keep you posted.

If you would like to find out more about Waverley Boxing Club or have any queries, please feel free to contact Miss A. Nawaz on 0121 464 1780 or


The National Boxing Award Programme a Success in Stonebridge

The Director of the GB National Boxing Awards Programme Q shillingford had been to Stonebridge recently to help its Boxing Community run the National Boxing Award programme. The success of Stonebridge Boxing Club had been featured on Willesden & Brent Times.

WB Times News Feature

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Holiday Boxing Club a Big Hit


A school holiday boxing initiative concluded last week (3 September 2010), with all involved hailing it a great success.

The 6 week scheme run by PC 4007 Andy Whitehall, PCSO 8850 Duncan Rollo and the Staffordshire Young People’s Service was designed to help reduce Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in Stafford and Stone by getting youngsters involved in a positive activity that they could then continue after the school summer break.

The scheme was open to all 5-16 year-olds, with many young people referred by partner organisations such as Social Services, Parent Support Workers, Education Welfare, Stafford and Rural Homes, Barnardos and local schools.

In all, 160 young people attended the boxing camps held at the Emerald Club and Silkmore Primary School in Stafford and at Christchurch Middle and Manor Hill First Schoosl in Stone.

They young people participated in the National Non-Contact Boxing Awards taking the Preliminary, Standard and Bronze levels. In-keeping with the ethos of the Right Stuff Boxing clubs, the youngsters also took part in various community projects, including a litter pick, a demonstration of skills at Rowley park and a flat clearance and tidy-up for a person in need.

The whole scheme was funded by Stafford and Stone Community Learning Partnership and run entirely by eight young volunteer / mentors aged 14 -22 years old who were members of the Right Stuff Boxing Club and who had undergone special Boxing Coaching/First Aid courses, with assistance from PC Whitehall and PCSO Rollo.

PC Andy Whitehall said: “This scheme has been a great success thanks to partners and the young boxing tutors. As a result, over 40 more young people, many from difficult backgrounds, now want to join the clubs, learn the skill and discipline of boxing and also help make their communities a better and safer place to live. I feel this is a great result for the communities of both Stafford and Stone.”

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Bunnoe Boxing Club First to Launch I.A.B.A National Boxing Awards

Bunnoe Boxing Club, Ireland

Bunnoe Boxing Club achieved a first by becoming the first club in the Republic of Ireland to administer the I.A.B.A National Boxing Awards. The awards were launched as part of their recent two-week summer camp, where eighteen participants aged between five to twelve years old took part in a non-contact recreational boxing programme with nine successfully gaining their first boxing award.

The summer camp was a pilot cross-border project with Derrylin Boxing Club and the club now plans to fully implement the programme in September.

At the recent camp participants learnt the basic skills and techniques of boxing whilst having great fun playing recreational games that help develop coordination and build fitness. Programme Manager and guest coach Sean Crowley advised “Every session gives the children a good workout, but what makes the programme special is that the kids are having such fun that they don’t realise they’re exercising”.

Aside from helping youngsters to be more active, this unique programme indirectly helps children to develop social skills as all activities and games require participants to interact and work with each other, so no child is left out or uninvolved.

Parents were full of praise and only had positive comments about the recent camp. Sinead Brady from Tullyvin mother of Oisin aged 5 who attended commented, “Oisin thoroughly enjoyed the camp and loved the different games. It was great exercise for them”.

Bunnoe Boxing Club, Ireland

Bunnoe Boxing Club committee member Michael Jackson and father of Ciara aged 12 who attended commented, “The programme was excellent. The kids learnt so much about the boxing techniques they’ll be able to correct the coaches. Also it was great to hear the laughter roaring out of the gym. Programmes like this are the future of boxing and all sports for that matter”.

In addition to getting the kids active, the programme contains a very good educational aspect as participants are taught what body parts and muscle groups they are using during the sessions. Each Boxing Awards also contains an educational credit towards an ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (level 2).

There are six boxing awards; Preliminary, Standard, Bronze (which are all non-contact) and Silver, Gold, Platinum (which are semi-contact). Thereafter, participants need to complete a further six educational assignments to gain the full twelve credits to obtain their Certificate of Personal Effectiveness level 2 which is equivalent to a FETAC level 2.

The programme is open to children aged five years upwards and is suitable for both boys and girls. But most importantly, due to the programme being non-contact and based upon demonstration it is completely safe and is also suitable for children with any disabilities (e.g. deafness/short-sightedness) or medical conditions (e.g. epilepsy etc) that would prevent them from participating in competitive boxing.

Bunnoe Boxing Club has advised that they so impressed by the programme that they are making the requisite investment to build the National Boxing Awards programme into its core activities for members in future.

The club advises that any parents who wish to enrol their children for September’s programme (Every Friday 4pm-5pm for 5-9 year olds or 5pm-6pm for 10-14 year olds) should contact Brian Reilly on 087-9478437.

Similarly any Community Groups, Youth Clubs or Schools (Primary or Secondary) that are interested in running the programme in their community centre or school should contact Sean Crowley on 086-0521757 or email

With eighteen budding boxers emerging from the pilot summer camp, Bunnoe Boxing Club will almost certainly grow as a club and develop their own production line of boxing champions in the near future.

Scotland Launch Great Britain National Boxing Awards

Whiteinch Centre, Glasgow

Amateur Boxing Scotland (ABS) held their very first GB Boxing Tutor Course at the Whiteinch Centre, Glasgow on Saturday 22nd may 2010. The course which was organised by ABS Performance Director Willie Burns proved to be a tremendous success and was completed by Boxing coaches, school teachers, youth workers and boxing club volunteers. ABS Performance director Willie Burns who stayed and watched the course commented: Fantastic, this is just what our sport needs, ABS will look to be running the GB Boxing Awards all over Scotland and qualify as many GB Boxing Tutors to work all over the country introducing boxing to young people from all walks of life, I see the GB National Boxing Awards and Educational programme as a pathway to introducing boxing to every child in Scotland and a great vehicle to getting our sport in the main stream, either recreationally, educationally or competitively.

The GB National Boxing Awards which was piloted in November 2006 and launched in July 2007 at the Commonwealth Boxing Championships in Liverpool has proven to be very successful and very popular with over 5,000 GB Boxing Tutors qualified to deliver the non contact element of the National strategy.

GB Boxing Awards Director and ABA Advanced Coach “Q” Shillingford commented; “we had a great time in Glasgow and all the people on the course were very receptive to how the awards should be delivered in schools, youth clubs, and of course boxing clubs. ABS are clearly committed to developing their sport and getting the national boxing awards programme all over Scotland and team GB will assist as much as possible to ensure this happens”.

BABA Chairman Derek Mapp and the 3 Home Nations National Governing Bodies are very keen to see how much more the development of Boxing will move forward in the build up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

This 6 level National Boxing Award scheme, has been thoroughly ‘field tested’ and provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing for boxers joining boxing clubs or preparing for their first bout. Particular emphasis on techniques, co-ordination, defensive skills and fitness development. It also includes elements designed to test knowledge and understanding of the rules and history of the sport of amateur boxing.

An important part of the National Boxing Awards is the Healthy Lifestyle page, which explains the value of a well balanced diet and nutrition, rest and of course hydration.

The first 3 awards (Preliminary, Standard and Bronze) are all non-contact and can be used in Boxing Clubs for new members and also any non-specialist facility such as a community hall or after school sessions. The non contact part of the awards may be taught by stand alone GB Boxing Tutor (School Teacher, Youth worker, Sports Development Officers). As these cover the basics of boxing, however the Silver and Gold awards involve technique development in modified conditioned sparring and need to be coached in a boxing club with a boxing ring and qualified boxing coach.

The 6th Award is the Platinum Award which takes the boxer into the boxing ring at a boxing show, this involves a skills bout where the boxer will get the opportunity to experience of what it is like to enter a boxing ring at a boxing show, more importantly the boxer will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills, fitness and ability in a boxing arena which they have learnt whilst at the same time, completing all 6 of the GB National Boxing Awards.

For the Platinum award there are several boxing gym sessions that the platinum award boxer must be able to complete prior to the skills bout; the sessions include gym work, drills, technique and condition sparring and of course circuit training plus the added advantage of their local club coach, training sessions.

A stand alone GB Boxing Tutor is qualified to teach the non contact part of the awards; Preliminary, Standard and Bronze (24 structured lessons of boxing) which can be taught in schools colleges, youth clubs, colleges and Universities. However an ABS Qualified Boxing Coach can deliver all 48 lessons in schools (non contact) and the semi contact in their boxing club, additionally the GB Boxing Tutor Course has been deliberately designed to teach Boxing as a resource which ABA Boxing Coaches and ABA Boxing Tutors (non contact boxing) are able to use in their boxing club or community sport development work and in schools towards the attainment of PE Curricular targets. It is also designed to assist Coaches on how to deliver non-contact boxing in the public domain outside the Boxing Gym environment.

Many boxing coaches of all levels wishing to teach the awards in the schools or youth club environment are now attending the GB Boxing Tutor Course to grasp a complete understanding of the National awards and how to deliver and run the awards, inside and outside of their boxing gyms. Many boxing coaches are now delivering the awards in their Boxing Clubs, and are finding the structure perfect for developing their boxers to compete and retaining their interest as they prepare for their first bout. Also the National Awards allow the young people who join a boxing club and find it difficult to reach competition level to get a National Awards in Amateur Boxing and remain interested and staying with their chosen boxing club.

The incentive will therefore be to make the linkages between the schools/youth club and a local boxing club thereby fulfilling the school/club link objectives and providing a framework for ‘exit routes’ for those Community Development projects seeking to use boxing training as a personal and social development tool.

Apart from the benefits to the young people involved, in terms of fitness, technique acquisition and a developing understanding of the components of skill learning and fitness development, the national boxing Award syllabus provides an excellent framework for coaches to focus on and deal with young people who have not traditionally come to Boxing Clubs.

The GB Boxing Tutor Course and the associated national boxing award scheme therefore contribute not only to an increase of the ‘reach’ of the sport beyond its traditional social and demographic parameters but also help coaches and club personnel come to terms with new ideas in participation and performance development in diverse communities. Equally, it allows teachers to encounter a sport which they are unlikely to have used before in delivering the PE Curriculum or in encouraging after school clubs.

The GB Boxing Tutor/Boxing Awards programme has been so successful with over 5,000 qualified GB Boxing Tutors, that British Amateur Boxing Association has asked ABA Advanced Coach Level 1 and former Head Coach of the British Armed Forces/ Royal Navy “Q” Shillingford to manage and direct the GB National Boxing Awards programme across Great Britain on behalf of BABA

“Q” commented; that the GB Boxing Tutor Course has been deliberately designed for Boxing Coaches wishing to deliver the GB Boxing Awards in a fun, recreational and professional manner in school curriculum or as an after school club, youth groups and also is ideal for school holiday boxing camps.

“Q” added: to support boxing coaches wishing to further their involvement in boxing in schools we will be running ASDAN CoPE Boxing Educational Qualification Course’s. Again the course is designed for boxing coaches or teachers and people wishing to deliver the GB Boxing Educational Qualification in Amateur Boxing (GCSE Equilivant) in schools or from their boxing gym; anyone wishing to attend the ASDAN course should go and book onto a ASDAN CoPE course.

A boxer joining a boxing club can go online order their GB Non Contact boxing booklet and arrive at the local boxing gym with their GB National Boxing Book, the potential boxer gives the Certificates to the Boxing Coach and then the boxing coach can take the boxer through the three non contact award schemes (Preliminary, Standard, Bronze) then if the boxer wants to progress to the semi contact part of the award programme they carry on and complete the further 3 awards (Silver, Gold and Platinum).

Or the local boxing club can order the booklets in and stock and the boxers can then obtain the boxing booklets from the coach at the boxing club when they join.

The British Amateur Boxing Association would wish for every child in the country to have their Great Britain Boxing Book and gained a National Certificate and Medal in Amateur Boxing.

For further information regarding the Great Britain National Boxing Awards please log or ring “Q” Shillingford on 07702745590

Ireland National Boxing Awards Launched

Derrylin Boxing Club

Derrylin Boxing Club became the first club in Ireland to administer the I.A.B.A National Boxing Awards in association with The awards were launched as part of their recent two-week summer camp, where thirty-two participants aged between five to fourteen years old took part and all passed the Preliminary award.

The introduction of the National Boxing Awards has been seen as a progressive move by the IABA to introduce more youngsters into the sport and the Derrylin Boxing Club were proud to be the first to implement the programme.

Programme Manager and Derrylin Boxing Club coach Sean Crowley commented “The awards were well received by parents and children alike. The parents were full of praise for the programme and loved that it was a safe and recreational. Whereas, the kids simply loved learning the boxing techniques and playing the games. Plus the certificate and medal awarded at the end of the camp also gave them a great sense of achievement”.

Derrylin Boxing Club has advised that they are building the National Boxing Awards programme into its core activities for members in future and furthermore that they aim to get several members through the GCSE assessment within the next academic year.

With thirty-two new fledging boxers emerging from the pilot the Derrylin club are almost certainly on course to produce more boxing champions and achieve further ring success in the future.

Sean Crowley added “Another great aspect to the awards programme is that kids with disabilities and medical conditions (e.g. deafness, short-sightedness, epilepsy etc) that prevent them from competitive boxing and who we had previously lost from the club after failing medicals were able to participate and gained so much confidence from achieving their award.”

Parents were also full of praise and only had positive comments about the awards programme, Ann McKenna mother of Tiernan (aged 5) and Erin (aged 8) who attended commented “The boxing awards programme is fantastic. I was sceptical about my daughter going at first as she not into sports but every day she was so enthusiastic about going and thoroughly enjoyed it. The programme is great for their physical well-being and when they got home they would continue to practise the moves they learned”.

Wendy Patton mother of Andrew (aged 7) commented “I thought the awards are brilliant and a great way to get kids exercising. Andrew loved the games he learned and I’ve never known him to be so keen to attend a club. I also thought the Award assessment method was excellent; it was great that it encompassed everything Appearance, Behaviour, Partner Work etc, in addition to assessing the actual boxing technique. “

The Derrylin Boxing Club sent four members to the recent Boxing Tutor course in Dublin including their experienced Head coach Sean Crowley along with an interested parent, an 18-year-old club member who is unable to box due to a medical condition and an active 16-year-old female boxer.

Sean Crowley commented, “Despite having coached for some time and been involved with boxers that have competed at the highest level. I still gained a great deal from the course and have now adopted the awards programme as a method of inducting new members into the club”.

The Boxing Tutor course also gave opportunity to an interest parent with no previous boxing experience to become more involved in the club and they are now able to constructively assist with training sessions rather than just watch from the side lines.

The course was also invaluable to the younger club members in order to help them enhance their boxing knowledge and give them the skills to help support/ help coach junior members of the club.

“I would strongly recommend the course to any coach regardless of their previous experience or success.”

Boxing Success at the Bangladesh

Boxing Success at the Bangladesh

The Northampton Bangladeshi Association in conjunction With Northamptonshire Sport ran an 8 week ABA national boxing award course funded by Sports Unlimited. The boxing award scheme is open to anyone above the age of five and this course was well attended by the local young people who had never participated in boxing before but had a real interest in the sport. The course taught the students the skills of amateur boxing, along with the rules and history of the sport.

The course started on the 29 May for 8 weeks and on 17 July, 10 students participated in a preliminary award assessment, which they all passed with flying colours.

Boxing tutor Jeff Gonsalves commented that the students on the course where all brilliant, they all put in maximum effort into every lesson and where a joy to teach. They all learnt so much from the course and want to carry on boxing in the future.

The course was such a success that the NBA, with agreement from the tutor, have decided to part fund the course so they can carry on running the boxing award scheme so the students can achieve the next 2 awards.

Tutor Jeff Gonsalves also commented that if any of the students want to carry on boxing competitively in the future, he would take them along to one of the local ABA boxing clubs, where they could sign up and register with that club. That is what the award scheme is about, getting young people interested in boxing then hopefully into clubs, which is great for the sport.


Daventry Phoenix ABC Amateur Boxing Awards

Daventry Phonenix ABC Amateur Boxing Awards

Daventry Phoenix Youth centre in conjunction with Daventry District council and Northamptonshire Sport, started a 9 week sports unlimited boxing project. Jeff Gonsalves a ABAE boxing Tutor/Youth worker suggested that the project be run as the GB National Boxing Award programme. Shaun Waite (Daventry council), Katie Jones (Youth Worker, Phoenix centre) and Jeff Gonsalves (Northamptonshire Sport) where running the project and over 30 young people signed up for the project. As the project started the team managed to secure funding from money for youth to start up a boxing club, so the Daventry Phoenix boxing club was formed. On the 31st March we did our first boxing awards, the Preliminary Award.

This entailed basic warm-up and warm-down, boxing techniques including stance and guard, torso movement and footwork. The young students then moved on to demonstrating their lead hand and rear hand straight punches with defences. This was the first assessment at the club, but there will be many more because every new member to join the club will be signed up on the GB Boxing Awards Programme. The GB National Boxing Awards have been accredited by ASDAN the national awarding body, which is run in schools and colleges across the country. Jeff gives his congratulations to all the students, all 20 who took the award passed with flying colours!

Well done everyone!!!

Daventry Phonenix ABC Amateur Boxing Awards


When Boxers Become Tutors

GB squad members can now deliver national awards after passing course in Sheffield

BOXERS on the GB squad last monthpassed the Boxing Tutor Course at theirSheffield base. Some 13 of the country’stop boxers took part. Said Dan Salcedo, GB ProjectPlanning Manager, “We feel it’s important to get our boxers teaching and coaching qualifications while training on the elite team. It’s also good to get them a qualification in personal training and other courses they can usein between training on the GB team orwhen they retire. “The GB Boxers thoroughly enjoyed the course. Many help out in their gym with new boxers joining or assist their coaches in teaching boxing in schools; now they’re looking forward to using the qualification and delivering the National Boxing Awards programme in their gyms and local schools. Chairman of BABA, Derek Mapp, said: “GB Boxing is leading the way by providing grass roots ambassadors connections with the 2012 London Olympics through engaging recreational boxing or participation. “A promise to increase and sustain sport by the Games is will be fulfilled through GB Boxing Tutors and the boxing awards. “This pathway into our valuable partof society is volunteering. Key principles the Boxing Tutors engage inare that the Awards delivered should befun, encourage physical activity and berewarding.

“Chairman of ABAE Keith Waltersexplained: “The Boxing Tutor courseworks well for young boxers wishing togain their first teaching qualification inamateur boxing. Once they complete the course they can deliver the awards (non-contact and supervised) in their local boxing gym to youngsters joining. “The Awards are changing opinions of amateur boxing. People are nowcoming back into our sport as coaches, setting up clubs and making essential links with our schools and pathways into our clubs. “We as an association need to get ouryoung boxers on the teaching platform of the sport as early as we can, as theyare our future national, regional andclub coaches.”