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Chairman of ABA of England visits Charter Academy

Chairman ABA Keith Walters and Principle Dame Sharon Hollows at Charter Academy with year 11's GCSE boxing students

The Chairman of Amateur Boxing Association of England, Keith Walters, spent the day at Charter Academy in Portsmouth to see how Amateur Boxing and Education is working together to deliver the ASDAN CoPE qualification.

Keith Waters explained the facilities at Charter Academy are excellent; the boxing gymnasium is a coach’s dream. The ABA coaches/tutors have a very professional manner and are very good with the youngsters.

I am impressed in the way Amateur Boxing and Education have partnered in Portsmouth, the programme and structure that has been put together is great, we as a boxing association need to mirror the excellent work at Charter Academy all over the country.

Partnership - Amateur boxing and education

Walters added; Having spent time talking with the young people on the ASDAN GCSE course at Charter Academy, they are clearly fully engaged with our sport and are very proud of their achievements.

A lot of them are “Young Leaders” GB Boxing Tutors and are also wishing to do the ABA Junior Officials course. To see our sport developing in an Educational environment, like this, is just brilliant. I am absolutely delighted in what I have seen and what is happening in the city of Portsmouth.

The ABA Chairman also spent time with Charter Academy Principle Dame Sharon Hollows who commented: Having boxing in the school curriculum has had a massive impact on the pupils in the school. Boxing has changed a lot of our youngster’s lives; we have seen a complete turn around in the young people’s behavior, attitude, look, confidence and most of all self esteem.

What has really impressed me is the fact that a lot of the Charter students are now “young leaders” ABA Boxing Tutors and are helping out in the after school clubs and the HOP Boxing Academy.

Even my school teachers have been recruited into the boxing training, in the early morning activities. “I am intending to have my first boxing lesson very soon.”

Portsmouth City Schools – Multi Skills Boxing Competition

Multi Skills Boxing competition - winning team Charter Academy (A)

A Multi skill’s boxing competition was piloted at the Charter Academy on Thursday 21st January 2010. Naomi Lewis Competition Manager Havant & Waterlooville School Sports Partnership said

“The Portsmouth Schools Sport Partnership and Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy were really pleased that the event at Charter Academy went so well. It has taken a while to get the competition going and the two partners wanted to get some celebration of Boxing going in the Portsmouth area.

Many Schools in Portsmouth now run after school clubs with help of Q Shillingford and the excellent ABA Boxing Coaches/Tutors at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy. This has spurred on a massive interest in Boxing and as a Multi Skills Competition Manger I wanted to see if we could use this interest to target a different group of children.

Multi Skills Boxing competition - teams in action

The multi skills boxing competition concept was designed to enable children to show off their skills that they have learnt in after school clubs as well as compete for their school. The stations were designed to challenge children and they all rose to the occasion.

I was so please to see them occupied at all times and active all afternoon. A big thanks to Charter Academy for hosting the competition and to Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy for running the event”.

Charter Academy Principle Dame Sharon Hollows thought the event was very successful and important for the development of the youngsters involved. “Boxing is having a very positive impact on our students at Charter Academy; the young people are in the boxing gym at 7am in the morning before changing and attending breakfast club, prior to going to school. Then they can attend boxing lessons on the PE syllabus and also Boxing as a GCSE for year 10’s and 11’s, we also have boxing in our after school club and then of course the HOP Boxing Academy in the evening. The Inter schools Muti-Skills Boxing Competition was a very successful afternoon, bringing the youngsters together from different schools in a fun and skillful environment helps to develop the individual in many ways. Dame Sharon Hollows also pointed out that “As an added bonus the recently qualified young leaders “Boxing Tutors” who attend Charter Academy assist in the set up of the boxing multi skills competition and the officiating of the event.

Multi Skills Boxing competition - event team photo

HOP Boss “Q” Shillingford commented this is great for the sport of boxing and of course for the local schools and the community. The more opportunities we give to our young people to get into sport whether it is competitively or just for fun, the better. All the youngsters did very well and worked very hard, we will be looking to work more with the school sports partnership and run more Inter Schools – Multi Skills Boxing Competitions, so that all the schools in the Portsmouth area can take part.

New Heights in Amateur Boxing in Schools

Photo of children holding up Boxing Awards certificates

Boxing in schools and Education has reached a new high as sixteen year 11’s school students this week have reached the stage where they have passed 6 out of the 12 credits required, which is the half way mark of the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification.

The Charter Academy in Portsmouth is the first school to be doing the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification and also the base for the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy (HOP).

Coach Shillingford explained, Boxing Academy Coaches/Tutors deliver boxing all over the City of Portsmouth in both primary & secondary schools, colleges and the youth clubs, teaching the GB National Boxing Awards Programme “Non Contact” as an introduction to the sport of amateur boxing and then the youngsters who wants to do the contact boxing are joining the local ABA Boxing clubs.

Photo of Boxing Rings

In the Charter Academy old school sports hall now stands two permanent Boxing Rings, and over 30 hitting apparatus. HOP is in partnership with Charter Academy teaching boxing all day long, early morning Breakfast Club Boxing Sessions, PE curriculum for all year groups (GB National Awards Programme) GB National Boxing GCSE (ASDAN CoPE Boxing Qualification yr 10’s and year 11’s) and after school club twice a week, then in the evenings it is a registered and very active Amateur Boxing Club. HOP also opens in the school holidays for Boxing Camps where they deliver the GB National Boxing Awards programme.

“The HOP in Charter Academy is leading the way in Boxing in schools in the country. The 35 youngsters (19 year 10’s and 16 year 11’s) currently studying the GB Boxing Qualification ASDAN CoPE (which is level 2 Equilivant to a GCSE Grade B), Dame Sharon Hollows (Principle of Charter Academy) said “The introduction to amateur boxing for Charter Academy has been fantastic, the sport has had a very positive impact on all our students, we have already had a very successful boxing show in September and are looking to hold our next boxing event in late February 2010. The sport and Educational Qualification is very new to a lot of the boys and girls however they are all enjoying learning the art of amateur boxing along with other key skills such as working with others, problem solving, research, discussion, improving own learning and performance all from boxing related activities. The students are looking forward to completing their GB National Boxing Educational Qualification in May 2010”.

Chairman of the ABA of England Keith Walters is delighted with the development of Boxing in Portsmouth, particularly at Charter Academy and commented “This is a huge step forward for the sport of Amateur Boxing and the intention is to roll out the Educational programme all over the country. The 6 level GB National Boxing Award scheme, provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing for recreational boxers or boxers joining boxing clubs and preparing for their first bout”. It also gains a credit per award towards the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification. (ASDAN CoPE).

ABAE CEO Paul King commented “Many ABA boxing coaches at all levels are delivering the GB National Boxing Awards in schools, youth clubs and of course their own boxing club and to gain more knowledge and understanding in teaching the GB Boxing National Awards in the schools or youth club environment, ABA Coaches are attending the GB Boxing Tutor Course; however for an ABA Registered Coach delivering the national awards in a school or local community , it is not a requirement to attend the GB Boxing Tutor course. They can order the GB Booklets on line from the Boxing Awards website.

“Q” Shillingford explained: To support ABA Boxing Coaches wishing to further their involvement in boxing in schools and to be able to deliver the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification (ASDAN CoPE) we will be running four pilot GB National Boxing Qualification workshops across the country

Portsmouth Fri 5th Feb 2010
Leicester Tue 9th Mar 2010
London Mon 19th Apr 2010
Newcastle Sat 8th May 2010

The course is designed for boxing coaches or teachers and people wishing to deliver the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification in Amateur Boxing in schools or from their boxing gym linked in with a local school; anyone wishing to attend the GB ASDAN CoPE Boxing course should log onto click downloads page then click on the Application form for which ever course they would like to attend that’s nearest to them.

To view the ASDAN CoPE Boxing Educational Qualification criteria goto the downloads section and then click Boxing National Educational Qualification.

Or ring “Q” Shillingford on 07702 745590 Email
ASDAN Boxing Manager Andrew Cox on the following details: Office line: 01179543974 mobile: 07720 812051

Great Britain ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course

Group photo of people who took part in the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course

The very first official GB ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course was held on Saturday 19th December 2009 at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy in Portsmouth. There were 14 Young Leaders from the Hampshire Region who took part. The GB ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course is now being run after two very successful pilot courses in Loughborough Sports University. The Youth Sport Trust, the national Organisation responsible for school sport and physical education has agreed to include the GB ‘Young Leaders’ Boxing Tutor Course on their national course data base as part of their Leadership and Volunteering strand, so now the young leaders from all over England can do the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course as part of their accredited ‘8 hrs leadership training’.

The BABA/ABA has agreed to lower the age limit to 14 yrs old to deliver the (Non Contact) National Boxing Awards Scheme as long as the young leader is supervised by a competent adult during whilst delivering the Non Contact part of the awards.

After successfully completing the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutors Course the 14 qualified Boxing Tutors were then invited back a week later to the HOP Boxing Academy for the Portsmouth City Christmas Boxing Camp, so they could deliver the National Awards programme to the 35 youngsters booked on the Christmas Boxing Camp, under the supervision of the HOP, ABA Coaches. and those who took part will now join their weekly after school boxing sessions with added confidence. The emphasis on the course was on how to begin to teach the basics of boxing safely and effectively to their peers and to primary-age pupils with the aim of introducing young people, to the idea of voluntary sports coaching work, and volunteering in sport generally.

Sport Hampshire & Isle of Wight’s Coaching Development Manager, Mr CJ Lee, attended the One Day course and commented: ‘Boxing is a sport with the capacity of engaging a large number of traditional performers, disadvantaged and at risk groups in ways that other sports cannot. The non-contact element of the [Boxing] award makes the sport really accessible to wide group of young people, both as participants and leaders, and in the future as coaches and officials. We really embrace the exciting opportunities posed by this new leadership pathway.

Southern Counties ABA secretary and ABA Full Badge Coach Lizzie Addington (Sweet Science Boxing Academy) put four of her boxers from her Boxing Gym on the course Liz Addington said: “I am in my first season as SC secretary and have numerous queries from boxers who have left the sport wanting to come back. Why? Due to the nature of these awards and the success they are having in changing opinions of amateur boxing. People are now coming back into out sport as coaches, setting up clubs and making essential links with our schools and pathways into or clubs. My four boxers from Sweet Science Academy were all waiting to turn 16 before they became boxing tutors so for them Christmas came early!”

Chairman of BABA Derek Mapp said: GB “Young Leaders” inspired by Youth Sport Trust is now gaining accreditation to the boxing tutor course. Since the decision by BABA and the ABAE to lower the age to 14 years old the launch was supported by being hosted in the Charter Academy School in Portsmouth.

Photo of people in a boxing ring

GB boxing is leading the way by providing grass roots ambassador’s connections with 2012; through engaging recreational boxing or participation. A promise made by 2012 to increase and sustain sport is certainly a promise that will be fulfilled through GB young leaders, boxing tutors and the national boxing awards programme. This pathway into our valuable part of society is volunteering. Key principles the Boxing Tutors engage in are the awards delivered should be fun, encourage physical activity and be rewarding. The course was held on Saturday 19th December 2009 at the Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy, which is in the Charter Academy School in Portsmouth. 14 Young Leaders from Hampshire & IOW, were successful and are now accredited to this scheme.

Chairman of ABAE Keith Walters explained by lowering the age bracket of the GB Boxing Tutor Course, it works well for young boxers wishing to gain their first teaching qualification in Amateur Boxing, as once they complete the GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course they can then deliver the awards (Non Contact and supervised) in their local boxing gym to new youngsters joining the gym. We as an association need to get our young boxers on the teaching platform of the sport, as early as we can, as they are our future National, Regional and Club Coaches.

The next GB Young Leaders Boxing Tutor Course will be held on Saturday 20th March 2010 to book your young boxers onto the course please goto the Course Dates section or contact Michael Whitlock at mobile: 07704 189077.

For further information regarding the GB National Boxing Awards programme or the GB National Boxing Educational Qualification criteria please go to the downloads section and click Criteria for the Qualification. Or contact ASDAN Boxing (CoPE) Manager Mr Andrew Cox,

There are many schools which use ASDAN qualifications on their school curriculum, and a parent or boxer attending school should download a copy of the GB Boxing Educational Qualification and advise the school that they wish to take the qualification as part of their GCSE choice.

Gym trains First Aiders and ABAE Boxing Tutors


Our Boxing Gym recently secured funding to train 30 young people aged 16 to 25 years old as First Aiders & ABAE Boxing Tutors. This project turned out to be a huge success and further funding has been secured to roll out the same courses again.

The course was aimed at some of the most hard to reach and disadvantaged young people in the community, some of whom prior to this course did not have any qualifications. These tutors are now either volunteering their time at our gym, or in other boxing gym’s or youth groups in the wider community, which is a really positive outcome!!


New Parks Community Boxing Gym opened in April 2008, prior to opening my self and my partner Stuart became ABAE Boxing Tutors. Becoming a Boxing Tutor has enormously benefited both our selves and our gym, and helped our gym to develop. As Boxing Tutors we have been able to teach the National Boxing Awards programme to our members, local groups and schools. Since opening our gym has also won several awards and has been highly commended by the Leicestershire Constabulary, Local Authority and Local Councillors. Our gym has made a big difference to the local community and has helped to tackle anti social behaviour and crime in the local area.


ABA Advanced coach and Director of the National Boxing Awards programme ‘Q’ Shillingford, complimented Serina and Stuart on their hard work and commitment in delivering the National Boxing Awards to the community in a fun and professional environment. This is what the National Boxing Awards programme is all about, taking our sport to the wider community and at every level. “Fantastic and keep up the good work”.


Royal Navy Fit to Fight

Personnel from HMS Lancaster being presented with their Boxing Awards certificates

HMS Lancaster better known as the Red Rose or should that now be The fighting Red Rose, are currently on operations in the Gulf. LPT Daz Hoare onboard is the Leading Physical Trainer, an ex boxer and qualified ABA boxing coach and Tutor.

In September last year Clubz as he is known was in contact with Q Shillingford to try and get the Non-Contact awards started onboard whilst deployed.

We had around 25-30 personnel come forward and were interested. With this clubz got to work and ordered there Non-Contact books. The ship sailed for the Gulf in October 2009. After transiting the Suez cannel and with warmer weather, lessons started during the lunch periods. The first award started and completed was the prelimery award with some great results all personnel passing with flying colours. The awards have identified new people who would have never put on a pair of gloves in there lives. Some are taking part to keep fit, some to learn about boxing I have some that are so interested in boxing now they want to keep it going and want to go to a boxing club this they will do when they have completed all 3 non-contact awards and move onto the 3 contact awards. I have a couple that I am so impressed with who have never boxed before that I am taking for extra pad work and have told them to get to there nearest boxing gym as they have some great potential and this is what these awards are about delivering at a grassroots level and identifying people with that kind of potential. On board the ship we have a mixed range of people taking part in the awards from the young AB upto the PO/CPO sea dogs and even a female officer of the watch who is extremely talented.

Personnel from HMS Lancaster who took part in the Boxing Awards

I have enclosed some pictures of the Prelimery award and the presentation by the ships Captain, CDR Bryan who was amazed by how much the team have come on when at the beginning it looked like they had two left feet but now they slide around and float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. The XO Lt Cdr Hammond was also surprised by how much they had advanced.

Personnel from HMS Lancaster who took part in the Boxing Awards

The team are currently coming to there assessment in the Standard award with just the Bronze left to do. Clubz said the awards will all be completed by the time I leave in Feb 2010. From here when the ship returns to the UK people who have taken part can then move onto the contact side. The awards are really good and get all kinds of people involved they learn the moves, health and fitness with diet all included. The Amateur Boxing Association are right behind the awards, and the awards also earn you accreditation points in the GSCE in boxing.

Clubz said I hope they continue with the three other awards and we get some other tutors in other ships and establishments I am moving to Gibraltar where I will be looking to get the awards started and take a group through all 6 with a boxing club available. Like Q says don’t think you can know you can.

RPO Cosy Powell receives his GB Boxing Certificate from Captain Cdr Rory Bryan

HMS Captain Cdr Rory Bryan presents RPO Cosy Powell with his GB Boxing Certificate on the Gulf Deployment in the Indian Ocean.

Leading Physical Trainer


Boxing Awards Taster Session With Young People From The Watford Mencap Children’s Centre

Watford Mencap Children's Centre

Certified Boxing Tutors Enzo Vullo and Simon White (both from BoxSmart have recently completed a boxing taster class with 12 of the young people from Watford Mencap Children’s Centre.

In this boxing taster session, all the students participated demonstrated an amazing can do attitude and successfully learnt the correct boxing stance, footwork and how to through a jab.

The Watford Mencap Children’s Centre is for children and young people aged 3 to 8 years with physical and learning disabilities, and other special needs. It is for children living in the Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere areas.

If you would like to find out more about the Watford Mencap Children’s Centre, or would like to provide any support please contact Ro Linton on 01923 220816 or If you would like to find out about working with BoxSmart to use boxing classes to get children fit and promote social inclusion through sport contact us on 0208 144 4634 or

Both Enzo and Simon would like to thank once again the students and staff of The Watford Mencap Children’s Centre for their time and efforts that made the session such a success.

Youngsters Enjoy Holiday Boxing Programme


Damilola Taylor Centre in Southwark, Peckham

Over 30 young people took part in a week-long boxing course at the Damilola Taylor Centre in Southwark, Peckham during the recent school break.

The programme was organised in partnership with the ABAE and allowed young people on their school holidays to drop in and take part in preliminary and standard levels of the ABAE’s boxing award scheme. The youngsters will now move forward to either the standard or bronze award.

Damilola Taylor Centre in Southwark, Peckham

Damilola Taylor Centre Manager Steve Verrall said: “The course was such a success that the Damilola Taylor Centre now intends to keep the boxing awards scheme running with five qualified tutors teaching on a weekly basis.”

The Boxing Awards allow young people from the age of 5-16 to learn the basics of amateur boxing in a fun and recreational environment. They come in five levels: preliminary, standard, bronze, silver and gold.

ABAE Chairman Keith Walters, who initiated the programme at the Damilola Taylor Centre, commented: “If we can get the non-contact boxing scheme in schools and youth centres, our sport will grow and we will find more champions. Most of the youngsters here will probably not go into the sport competitively, but they have all achieved, had a taste of and enjoyed the sport.”

Damilola Taylor Centre in Southwark, Peckham

Keith added that he had spotted some talent within the scheme and will be inviting the youngsters to join local boxing club, Lynn ABC.

For further details regarding the boxing awards email:

Damilola Taylor Centre in Southwark, Peckham

The ABA National Boxing Awards

Commonwealth Boxing Championships, Liverpool

The newly branded ABA National Boxing Award programme will be launched at the Great Britain Finals on Friday 29th May’09 the awards were launched in early 2007 at the Commonwealth Boxing Championships in Liverpool as a resource which ABA Boxing Coaches and ABA Boxing Tutors (non contact boxing) are able to use in their boxing club or community sport development work and in schools towards the attainment of PE Curricular targets. This new now 6 level Award scheme, has been thoroughly ‘field tested’ and provides an excellent entry route into the core skills of Amateur Boxing with a particular emphasis on techniques of movement, co-ordination and defensive skills and fitness development. It also includes elements designed to test knowledge and understanding.

An important addition to the National Boxing Awards is the Healthy Lifestyle page, which explains the value of a well balanced diet, rest and of course hydration.

The first 3 awards (Preliminary, Standard and Bronze) are all non-contact and can be used in Boxing Clubs and also any non-specialist facility such as a community hall or school gym. The non contact part of the awards may be taught by stand alone ABA Boxing Tutors. The Silver and Gold awards involve technique development in modified conditioned sparring and need to be carried on in a boxing club with a boxing ring and qualified ABAE coach.

The 6th Award is the Platinum Award which takes the boxer into the boxing ring at a boxing show, this involves a skills bout where the boxer will get the opportunity to experience of what it is like to enter a boxing ring at a boxing show, more importantly the boxer will have the opportunity to demonstrate the skills, fitness and ability in a boxing arena which they have learnt whilst completing all 6 of the ABA National Boxing Awards.

For the Platinum award there are several boxing gym sessions that the platinum award boxer must be able to complete prior to the skills bout; the sessions include gym work, drills, technique and condition sparring and of course circuit training plus the added advantage of their club coach, coaching.

Stand alone ABA Boxing Tutors are qualified to teach the non contact part of the awards; Preliminary, Standard and Bronze (24 lessons of boxing) which is designed to be taught in schools colleges, youth clubs and Universities. However an ABA Qualified Boxing Coach can deliver all 48 lessons in schools non contact and the semi contact in their boxing club, additionally the ABA Boxing Tutor Course has been deliberately designed to teach Boxing Coaches how to deliver non contact boxing in the public domain outside the Boxing Gym environment.

Many ABA boxing coaches wishing to teach the awards in the schools or youth club environment are now attending the ABA Boxing Tutor Course to grasp a complete understanding on how to deliver and run the awards, inside and outside of their boxing gyms.

The incentive will therefore be to make the linkages between the Awards and a local club thereby fulfilling the school/club link objectives and providing a framework for ‘exit routes’ for those Community Development projects seeking to use boxing training as a personal and social development tool.

Apart from the benefits to the young people involved, in terms of fitness, technique acquisition and a developing understanding of the components of skill learning and fitness development, the Incentive Award syllabus provides an excellent framework for coaches to focus on and deal with young people who have not traditionally come to Boxing Clubs.

The ABA Boxing Tutor Course and the associated Incentive Scheme therefore contribute not only to an increase of the ‘reach’ of the sport beyond its traditional social and demographic parameters but also help coaches and club personnel come to terms with new ideas in participation and performance development in diverse communities. Equally, it allows teachers to encounter a sport which they are unlikely to have used before in delivering the PE Curriculum or in encouraging after school clubs.

The programme has been so successful with nearly 3,000 qualified ABA Boxing Tutors, that the ABA of England has asked ABA Advanced Coach Level 1 and former Head Coach of the British Armed Forces/ Royal Navy “Q” Shillingford to manage and direct the ABA National Boxing Awards across the country on behalf of the ABA of England.

“Q” commented; that the ABA Boxing Tutor Course has been deliberately designed for Boxing Coaches wishing to deliver the ABA National Boxing Awards in a fun, recreational and professional manner in school curriculum or as an after school club, youth groups and also is ideal for school summer holiday boxing camps.

“Q” added; to support boxing coaches wishing to further their involvement in boxing in schools ABA Advanced Coach Alan Keast (Tamworth ABC) will be running an ASDAN Key Skills/CoPE Boxing Educational Qualification Course on Wednesday 8th July 2009 in Tamworth.

Again the course is designed for boxing coaches wishing to deliver the ABA Educational Qualification in Amateur Boxing (GCSE Equilivant) in schools or from their boxing gym; anyone wishing to attend the course should contact Alan Keast on the following

Now that the National Boxing Awards have their own website potential boxer can order their boxing booklets on line and arrive at the local boxing gym with their ABA National Boxing Book, the potential boxer gives the Certificates to the Boxing Coach and then the Coach can take the boxer through the three non contact award schemes and then if the boxer wants to progress to the contact part of the award they carry on with the further three awards. Or the boxing club can order the booklets and the boxers can then obtain the boxing booklets from the coach at the boxing club.

The ABA of England would like every child in the country to have an ABA National Certificate and Medal in Amateur Boxing.

For further information regarding the ABA National Boxing Awards please log or ring “Q” on 07702745590.

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