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Congratulations to the 7 Young Carers that have now completed the GB National Boxing Standard Award Boxing programme. These are our latest young carers to join the Wall of Champions at St Peter’s Amateur Boxing Club.

The Young Champions Boot Camp (YCBC) is the flagship programme by Champions 4 Change in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich Early Help Children’s services team. This means that the programme is now in full flow and is doing back to back Award Programmes for a the youth community in Greenwich and Woolwich

Champions 4 Change is the brainchild of Scott O’Connor. He created this because he wanted to actively improve the wellbeing of Young Carers by providing them with a structured programme that consists of bi weekly non-combat boxing training sessions.

“The Young Champions Boot Camp provides Young Carers with a safe environment to get active, make friends, and build confidence / self-esteem, manage emotions in a positive way, focus on self-development, work towards formal ASDAN qualifications and work towards becoming a Champions 4 Change Coach in the future” said O’Connor

Champions 4 Change now has its first member transition through the programme and become a fully qualified Boxing Tutor. So a big well done to George King he has said this about the programme and his transition from member to coach “I have been a part of the YCBC since Scott started it 6 years ago. Scott inspired me and made me believe I could do and achieve anything I wanted to. He always made time and listened to me and did everything he could to help me. Over the years as I grew and watched Scott I knew I wanted to do the same, I wanted to be able to help other young people the way he helped me. When I did the course I met Q Shillingford who was amazing I really enjoyed the Boxing Tutor course and felt proud of my achievements when I passed. Now I want to use everything I have learned over the years and help as many young people as possible”

Champions 4 Change is ever growing and its mission to help as many Young People to grow and develop in a positive way is a powerful movement. The mission is clear and the support being shown to the project is gaining momentum every day.

Scott is looking to broaden the range of Young People he is able to support and begin new projects including Champions 4 Change Beat Obesity Boxing, Stop The Knife, Young Offenders, Young Mental Health and Women’s Boxing. All of these projects will be structured in a similar format and the key objective will be to empower young people to grow, aspire and reach/ fulfill their full potential.

Also a massive congratulations to our newest referrals/ members who have joined and fully committed themselves to self-improvement whilst on the Champions 4 Change and Boxing Awards journey.
“A special thanks to Boxing Awards, Royal Borough of Greenwich and St Peter’s ABC for their Support”

For further information on how to join the Young Champions Boot Camp or if you would like to become a volunteer please contact Early Help Children’s Services or Scott O’Connor directly at Email:scottoconnor0089@gmail.com or 07732 759866

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‘Don’t Think You Can, Know You Can’


GB National Boxing Awards Programme at Right Stuff Amateur Boxing Club

Right Stuff Boxing Academy 3- Standard Awards

Well done young man.  Good to see you are using the educational part of the Boxing Awards Programme as well to support you in  School.  Boxing Awards Standard Award next.  Credits in  ASDAN, GCSEPE, BTEC, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and Prince’s Trust Award.

Right Stuff Boxing Academy 2 - Standard Awards

Right Stuff Boxing Academy - Standard Awards

Success Story - This #young lady sat her #GCSEPE last week. Which she is feeling #confident about. For her GCSE sport subject she chose boxing. For #evidence She Completed all the boxing awards #Preliminary, #Standard,#Bronze (non-contact) then #Silver, #Gold & #Platinum (semi-contact) she also passed the #GB #BoxingTutor #Course. Then used all the seven #boxingawards #certificates as evidence, with a short video of her #training and a #report from her #boxing #coach. From being introduced to #boxing through the #gb #boxingawardsprogramme in her #school not only has she now become a #competitive #boxer but also used the #sport to get an #educational #Qualification and Today she passed the #PadCourse. Please join me wishing her all the best for the #future and a very well done indeed. #boxinginschools #boxinggcsepe #sportineducation #everyonecanbox #getinvolved #boxingcourse #dontthinkyoucanknowyoucan 👊🏾💥

Success Story – This young lady sat her GCSEPE last week which she is feeling confident about.  For her GCSE sport subject she chose boxing.  As evidence she completed all the boxing awards programme Preliminary, Standard,Bronze (non-contact) then Silver, Gold & Platinum (semi-contact).  She also passed the GB BoxingTutor Course.  Then used all the seven Boxing Awards certificates as evidence, with a short video of her training and a report from her boxing coach. From being introduced to boxing through the GB  Boxing Awards Programme in her school not only has she now become a competitive boxer but also used the sport to get an educational Qualification and Today she passed the Pad Course. Please join me wishing her all the best for the future and a very well done indeed.  👊🏾💥


Well done young ladies Boxing Awards Bronze Awards next!  Don’t Think You Can, Know You Can 👊🏾💥 

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‘Don’t Think You Can, Know You Can’