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Vyners School in Uxbridge are now delivering the GB Non-contact Boxing Awards.  Michael Saunders, Ex. Heart of Portsmouth Boxing Academy coach and GB Boxing Tutor, introduced the GB Non-Contact Boxing Awards in Easter 2015 and it has been a huge success!

Michael Saunders said “the boys have done tremendously well and shown great discipline and commitment in regularly sacrificing their lunch times to take part in the GB Non-Contact Boxing Awards.  The young people selected have been enthusiastic and trustworthy throughout the summer term.  It is a pleasure to award the Year 7, 8 and 10 students with their GB Non-Contact Boxing Awards Certificates and medals and I am delighted to know that some of them are looking to continue in the sport through local Amateur Boxing Clubs.”

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Vyners School Headteacher Mr James Heale said “It is difficult to understate how much the students have benefited from their boxing experience.  These are students that do not always find school easy but through the programme they have demonstrated commitment, focus and maturity.  Mike has inspired them to channel their energies into a positive physical activity and we just hope that they can find a way to continue their involvement in the sport next year.’

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